We are committed to supporting you, the Participant

Services include

  • Plan Management. Acting as Financial Intermediary, this involves managing of funding for supports in a Participant’s plan.
  • Support Coordination, including assistance with managing the life stages, transitional supports and service providers in a Participant’s plan.
  • Therapeutic Services, including Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Speech Therapy and Exercise Physiology.

Understanding Choice and Control

To access the appropriate services and understand the supports a person receives, including the documentation, we can organise interpretation and translation services as well as the National Relay Service.

Increasing a person’s capacity to live an independent, quality life

We assist the person to understand and access the funded supports in the Plan, link into appropriate providers and get choice and control over the supports they receive. We prepare Assessments, Progress and Outcome reports as prescribed by the NDIA.