We respect the privacy and confidentiality of your information. When you become a client of LEAD Consulting Services a record is made (electronic and paper format) containing personal information about you and the nature of your business with us. Every time you contact us a new/update record is created. You are also added to our mail list for communications. We collect this information to ensure you receive the most professional service from us as also to keep a historical record of your business dealings with us. Rest assured this information is securely held and in accordance with the privacy laws and records management laws that govern them.

We are committed to continuous improvement and appreciate the feedback we receive from you. Your feedback is important to us. LEAD Consulting Services contracts the best officers that are professional and capable in their dealings with clients to ensure a smooth, efficient process. We ensure that your issues or concerns are handled appropriately. We obtain clear information regarding the client’s matter to provide the best support and advice. Using your feedback we aim to continuously improve the services to our clients. Should you wish to make any suggestions for improvement or complement our services send us an email, review us on google or send us an enquiry.

We are committed to working harmoniously with other regulatory bodies to comply with Commonwealth and Victorian laws in place. As business consultants we provide coaching and mentoring to small business owners. Our mentoring is designed for people considering starting a business, already involved in a business or who are established and wish to take the next step. The key areas we focus on are working with the owner to plan, grow and monitor their business. This successful project management approach delivers proven successful results and drives increased profits. We want our clients to succeed therefore we do what it takes to set direction and achieve goals.

Our reach is Universal! We work for the betterment of the community we live in. Our clients are from Asia, India, Europe, Middle East and New Zealand. We aim to improve a person’s motivation and confidence. We link clients to other organisations to form successful business partnerships in their local communities. From company setups to background checks we offer research services for the appropriate registrations, licences and permits that are required. A directory of Industry Associations for each industry group is maintained. We are committed to supporting the efforts of our volunteers and paid staff in the emergency services

– In 2017-18 the Police Association, Bushfire Response and Ambulance Services in Victoria have been selected as recipients of our charitable donations.